What’s Included?

  1. A 2-day deep dive workshop led by Robin Robins to help you build the foundation of a solid, productive and highly effective marketing plan for your IT services business.
  2. A 1-day, intensive MAP Infusionsoft software training workshop led by Robin’s Automation Experts to teach you how to USE your new automation software to automate your marketing plan.
  3. Three months of weekly ACCOUNTABILITY calls to make sure you IMPLEMENT and follow through on the marketing and lead generation plan Robin has given you.

What Will I Have As A Result Of Attending?

  • Absolute crystal clarity on the target market you should focus on for maximum profits, growth and success. When you leave, you will no longer feel lost or confused about who your most lucrative target market should be. This is the single most important element of your BUSINESS plan that you have to have right to move forward successfully.
  • A clear idea of what your USP is (and how to articulate it), or what it needs to be for you to close more sales. You’ll leave knowing how you stack up against your peers in SLAs, pricing, customer service, value delivered and other competitive advantages. Moreover, you’ll find out where your weaknesses are, compared to other IT services firms, and (at least) know exactly what you need to work on, improve, offer or change to be more competitive.
  • Exact clarity on what your web site should say to maximize its effectiveness. This is a direct product of the previous 2 items; you can’t possibly make your web site productive if you don’t know who your ideal client is OR what your USP is! We’ll also have you IMPLEMENT various elements of tracking and conversion to make your web site PRODUCTIVE.
  • How to pull together your list and get your leads, prospects and clients tagged properly in your CRM or PSA tool. If necessary, we can also walk you through purchasing a list and getting a process in place for scrubbing it. Of course, we’ll also give you 10 list-building campaigns as part of this program.
  • A well-defined referral marketing system (and campaigns) mapped out and in place to fuel more highly-qualified prospects quickly and easily.
  • 10 Marketing Oil Wells STARTED. While we won’t be able to fully implement them ALL at this 2-day event, we will get the ball rolling and then hold you accountable over the following 3 months (via webinars) to get the rest implemented. These will include a newsletter/drip marketing campaign, a productive e-mail/blog campaign, a direct mail system for prospecting, a seminar marketing system AND a host of other lead generation campaigns.
  • How To Use Your New Automation Software Every Day To Capture Leads And Do Marketing. You will get a full day of end-user training th ionsoft as your new CRM and automation powerhouse.

If you know you need to implement, but you also know that you’ll never get it done alone, then I suggest you take the first step towards success by clicking below.