Jim Bryce

“What Can A Sales Manager Do For Your MSP When You’ve Already Doubled Sales? TRIPLE THEM.”

“In 2017, a wake-up call brought Debian IT owner Vincent Fung to the realization that in order to continue growing his company and avoid the looming plateau due to the declining economy, he needed a full-time, devoted sales manager.

Enter Jim Bryce(me).  In my short tenure, I’ve focused on Robin’s marketing and achieved some amazing wins. One 9-Word email alone sent from Rapid Implementation Workshop got us $3,200 in MRR. Attending the Workshop prompted us to do a complete update and review on all of our marketing initiatives. We learned that, as a result of always having a full plate, we must put an annual review process in place to ensure all of our marketing efforts are current and relevant.

The weekly RIW calls have guided me through the process of updating all aspects of our sales and marketing programs and kept me accountable and on track. We successfully ran a Black Friday campaign resulting in $22,425 in project revenue and $133,476 in product sales. Over the fourth quarter of 2018, we increased our leads from 950 to over 2,500 and closed a number of exceptional deals with prospects, representing $27,510 in new MRR, which equates to $990,360 in revenues over their term. We’ve also expanded our target market, revamped our referral program and structured our phone answering process. In addition to all of this, we opened a new office in Toronto where er secured our first client and we’re planning to use the same marketing to replicate our success.

While Vince successfully doubled his sales from 2014 to 2017, he did it WITHOUT a sales manager. Now we have a lofty goal to TRIPLE our sales by the end of 2021. And we are off to a great start. Debian IT has just wrapped up our most successful January in the history of the company!”

Jim Bryce Debian IT April 17, 2019

Jill Eaton

“For A Decade, I Was ‘Comfortable’ With NOT Growing My MSP”

“Comfortable. That one word perfectly described my IT business for way too many years. It quickly changed when we suddenly lost two of our MRR customers.

After googling Robin Robins, I knew she was exactly what I needed. She reminded me of who I used to be but had lost over time. Bright-eyed. Bold. Smart. I realized I was just this body at work every day who’s getting everything done but getting nothing done that matters.

I signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop because I knew it was the boost I needed. At the Workshop, I sent e-mails to request quarterly business reviews with my customers. Three emails in 10 minutes led to three QBRs AND $7,100 in new MRR! I also learned some important lessons. Follow up with your customers or you’ll miss opportunities. Timing really is everything. And don’t let fear hold you back.

Beyond sending out the e-mails and conducting numerous QBRs, my team and I have been working tirelessly to implement marketing initiatives and complete Robin’s checklist. Even while splitting my time a hundred different ways, I still managed to increase my revenue more in ONE MONTH than I have ever done in 12 YEARS of business!”

Jill Eaton Sweetwater Technology February 8, 2019

Bhavin Mehta

“Thanks To Robin, We Are Now A True MSP!”

“I started Fusion Factor in 2005 with the mission to help small and medium-sized businesses get a real return on their technology investments, confident that my IT business was destined for greatness. When the phones didn’t ring, I turned to peer conferences and ended up at the Technology Marketing Toolkit Booth. Robin was the lone salesperson, and without even selling me on marketing, I left that day with a Toolkit.

Turns out, I also needed the motivation, action and accountability to finally start implementing. It came in the form of attending both Robin’s IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp and Rapid Implementation Workshop in 2018.

Our participation in the Rapid Implementation Workshop helped us to better analyze our business needs and requirements. We started with Robin’s 9-Word E-mail which resulted in two closed deals worth $100,000 in project revenue and $24,000 in increased MRR! With that encouragement, we implemented the Aspirin campaign. This single direct mail campaign brought us 15 leads, 10 appointments and $120,000 in new business.

Thanks to Robin, we have a great platform to enhance our marketing ability, strategy and implementation process. We’ve added 20 employees, gone from virtually zero MRR to $61,000 and have transitioned to a true MSP!”

Bhavin Mehta Fusion Factor February 8, 2019

“A Leap Of Faith Across The Pond Is Making Me The Marketing Expert I Always Wanted To Be”

Flag - UK“A leap of faith during a difficult time, both personally and professionally, led me across the pond to the Rapid Implementation Workshop. I had reached a point of desperation and knew I had to do something because my business, my team and my family were counting on me.

By applying the principles and actions mapped out in this program, I was able to build momentum. Slowly, I moved from a paralyzed state into a focused state where I ultimately achieved far more than I thought was possible.

One simple campaign brought us over 30 qualified testimonials of very happy customers and a competitive advantage for us to win new business. I have conducted QBRs with ease and moved 90% of our clients to our new Cyber Security Plan, 25 clients to our Comprehensive Plan (increasing turnover by £750 per month) and five clients to our Hybrid Model (increasing turnover by £9,205 per month).

Thanks to Robin and the Rapid Implementation Workshop, I am now laser-focused on marketing, sales and customer acquisition. Small shifts in my thinking have helped me stay 10 steps ahead of my competition and are making me the marketing expert I always wanted to be.”

Steven John Sagari Ltd. October 23, 2018

Sheryl Cherico

“We Increased Our Revenue By $153,103 In Under 90 Days!”

“I am a tech at heart and have been since I started working in the IT field in 1979. I used my experience to go out on my own in 2005, but after 12 years in business, growth stalled. I knew I could get it back on track, but I needed help to make that happen. Enter the Toolkit and Rapid Implementation Workshop.

I dove right in and sent out 12 e-mail requests for QBRs during the workshop. From those, we booked six appointments. During those six account reviews alone, we increased billing by $5,193 per month – $62,316 a year – plus $500 in new projects.  I followed up after those reviews with a request for referrals, which led to two referrals and nearly $25,000 in MRR.

Robin’s training has really opened my eyes to what is possible and all that I’d been missing in my business. I got the energy boost I needed, my team is providing amazing support and we now have a precise growth goal and, more importantly, the tools and accountability to get there.”

Sheryl Cherico Tier3MD September 14, 2018

Tom Breuer

“From Skeptic To 85% Growth In Sales In Under A Year”

“A crisp dollar bill in the mail led me to open the Toolkit I’d had sitting on my shelf for five years. Initially, I wanted nothing to do with this program and was confident the contents would not resonate with our clients. Fortunately, my analytical side urged me to dig deeper and my research turned up hundreds of stunning testimonials from other MSPs. Before I knew it, this skeptic was signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

The first campaign I sent after the Workshop brought a response within five minutes that led to $15,000 in one-time sales plus $780 in MRR. My second campaign brought a long-time break-fix client into our top-tier Gold Managed Services Plan. Two more clients soon followed, increasing our MRR by $1,246.

After only five months, we have already increased our MRR by 27% and sales by 85% compared to this time last year. With each new success, my mindset shifts. Big, positive changes have happened in my company and I’m grateful to Robin, my Accountability Groups and my staff for making it possible.”

Tom Breuer Computer Magic August 10, 2018

“Our First 90 Days Of Marketing Generated $40,282 Of New MRR And $93,240 In Project Work”

We have been in business for over 14 years and though we worked hard, we were quickly falling further into debt. Thankfully, that all changed when we went to work using Robin’s program.

Before joining the Accelerators Club, our best year ever was the year we serviced 3,951 people/businesses, had eight employees and $450,000 in sales. To our amazement, at the end of last year, we surpassed that number with a total of three employees servicing seven managed clients. Our fourth quarter alone was 130% better than the same quarter the year before and our overall year-over-year increase was 31%. I can’t thank Team Robin enough for all the help and support they’ve provided us. Thanks to all we learned at the Rapid Implementation Workshop and with the support of other Accelerators Club Members, we reached a company milestone with fewer employees, less clients and all within 90 days!

Stefanie Groot Windstar May 11, 2018

Maria Partridge

“We Increased Our MRR By $35,772 And Closed Another $26,192 In Projects”

“When we started our company 6 years ago, we knew we needed marketing help, but weren’t quite sold on Robin’s approach. Eventually, we realized that sending a few e-mails, getting referrals and posting on Facebook weren’t going to get us where we wanted to be. We decided to attend a few of Robin’s trainings and finally made the commitment to REAL marketing by going all in and becoming Accelerators Members.

Since becoming members and attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we have consistently implemented marketing, conduct regular QBRs and continually look for cross-sell opportunities. As a result, we have increased our MMR by $35,772, up 15%, and in the last six months we have closed $26,192 in projects.

Our customers now see us as a valued partner. Needless to say, we are excited in the growth of what we affectionately refer as our baby.  Our frustration level has gone from “when is it going to happen” to “how do we get it all the work done.”  Sometimes it feels like we are drinking out of a firehose, but with support from our accountability group and all the promise these campaigns bring, we will keep moving forward with anticipation for the good things ahead.”

Maria Partridge Lotus Management Services March 15, 2018

“We Added $802,221 In New Revenue In Just 3 Months!”

“For the last 22 years, we’ve been successful selling IBM solutions and working with break-fix clients. With the advent of virtualization and cloud hosted applications and systems, we quickly realized hardware and maintenance sales/margins were declining and we would need a new way to do business.  We never did much in the way of marketing, instead relying on “word of mouth” referrals and Market Development Funds with IBM and Cisco to drive any new client acquisition. We never had a consistent marketing approach, a targeted list or tracked ROI.

We were frustrated and knew this had to change so a few members of our leadership team attended Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow event. At that event, they were able to get a few minutes to discuss our struggles with Robin. Immediately, as a result of that conversation, we changed from a single managed services plan to having several MSP package options for our customers. That Roadshow set off a monumental turn of events for us.  We immediately signed up for Accelerators Club, Infusionsoft, partnered with ID Agent and Carvir and changed our MSP packaging.

We attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop with Robin and her team. While in Nashville we discussed campaigns, sales process, telemarketing, goals, tracking ROI, target market, USP, scrubbing lists and, most importantly, mindset.  Our team immediately dove into Robin’s 30-Day Implementation Checklist right from the start. I wanted to follow a marketing plan, and the group accountability calls and coaching helped me develop that plan and to stay with it.  As a side note, I can honestly say that without the Rapid Implementation Workshop, weekly group accountability calls and coaching from Robin’s team, I would have strayed from the program and wouldn’t be anywhere closer to where I am now.  The 90-day rapid implementation training gave me an opportunity to try several different campaigns and strategies in an environment where I could get good feedback and support on a regular basis.

In addition to going back and selling our new managed services plans to existing clients, we’ve had the opportunity the last few months to run and execute on numerous marketing campaigns. In the last 90 days by implementing Robin’s methodology and advice, we have transformed our business and added $24,026.08 in new Monthly Recurring Revenue and another $208,808.87 in new sales.  We also reworked four existing MSP contracts totaling $25,425.00 in Monthly Recurring Revenue.  That totals $802,221.83 in revenue for the year on a $12,397.00 investment.

Prior to the Toolkit, our marketing efforts at Burk I.T. were disjointed and often one-off shots in the dark. The best tool that I’ve received so far from Robin is a true marketing methodology for our MSP that works. We have done EVERYTHING by the book, followed and implemented the checklists, watched the videos and done the work. We BELIEVE in this program and are 100% committed.  It’s been amazing to see all the hard work come full circle and to see results from every feature implemented!  Robin and her team have truly made our business Rewarding, Easy, Attractive and Lucrative!”

April Painter Burk I.T. Consulting January 15, 2018

“I Finally Got Out Of Overwhelm And Have Locked In Over $200,000 In New Revenue”

New Zealand Flag“Going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop really helped me understand how to start with simple tasks, break things down into small pieces that are manageable and totally reduced the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve gone from spending a few hours here and there on marketing activities in a relatively unstructured manner, to almost half my day, every day. I’m delegating a lot more work to my support team, and know that my time is being spent a lot more effectively. I’m thrilled to report we’ve added an average of $5,700 in new MRR and $205,228 in confirmed revenue – plus the potential for an additional $840,000 Wi-Fi deployment revenue. After 3 months, I’m struggling to think where I would be, and what my focus would be on if I hadn’t joined this program.”

Liam O’Keeffe Silicon Systems Limited January 15, 2018

“After 12 Long Years Of Frustration And Failures, We Are Now On The Right Track With The Right Mindset And The Growth We Had Always Hoped To Achieve”

“We had been in business for 12 years, 12 long years of ups and downs, frustration, disappointment, failures, and a few small successes, but no amazing wins. Prior to Robin Robins, Technology Marketing Toolkit, and Rapid Implementation Workshop, we didn’t really know what marketing was. I am an engineer by trade with more than 20 years in the industry and limited our marketing to branding with shirts, vehicle wraps, and business cards. We lived on referrals but never made an effort to truly market our business.

Today we have a great website, email marketing system, letter campaigns, newsletters, Shock ‘n Awe Boxes, and we answer the phones live! This has given our business a new breath of life, legitimacy, and presence in the business community.

Even with all of the great marketing in place that has produce amazing results, the single biggest contributor to our growth is our mindset. Our mindset has changed from that of getting by and struggling daily to truly pursing and having the confidence to take our business to the next level. TMT and RIW helped change our mindset by showing us what was possible, this gave us confidence to take bigger risks and to try new things.”

James & Alisha Langan Emerald Technology Group January 15, 2018

“My Confidence In Myself Has Never Been So High”

“I am grateful not only for the new business generated, but for the new perception I have on my business. I am pumped to go through the marketing campaigns and cannot wait to see what lies ahead. It has been so nice to exchange ideas and weekly “wins” amongst our group. My confidence in myself has never been so high and I credit Robin and the Accelerators Club for that drive. I feel for the last 6 months we’ve cleared the landscape, poured the foundation and put up the walls for my business. I can’t wait to fill it with new business and continue the cross‐selling process to our existing clients.”

Brian Bratchie B&L PC Solutions December 15, 2017

“Why Didn’t We Do This Earlier?”

“As a firm that has been in business for 25 years, we thought we were doing marketing right. When we sat down and reviewed the self-assessment prior to the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we were surprised at how low we actually scored ourselves. This was incentive enough to sit back and review what we were and were not doing.
Since returning in August we have cleaned up our list to ensure our marketing is reaching the proper audience. Immediately after my return from the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we started to implement monthly newsletters and postcard marketing. We made significant changes to our website as well, including adding our locations to the header of the site. Why didn’t we do this before? This was a no-brainer, but until the workshop, we had never given that much thought.

Overall, there are some very good marketing campaigns with the Toolkit that help us obtain more leads and consultations. However, I still go back to the statement from Robin that has helped us the most, “Don’t be the squirrel”. Had I not attend the Rapid Implementation Workshop, watched the videos and interacted with the weekly calls I believe our self-assessment score would remain low. Today I can be confident in the fact that we have improved our own self-assessment score and have generated new opportunities to our business.”

Brian Clark CCPlus, Inc. December 15, 2017

“The Motivation And Energy We Continue To Gain From The Team As Well As The Tactics For Goal Setting Has Helped Us Grow Not Only As A Company, But Also As Individuals”

“For 8+ years, Kincaid Network Solution has received marketing material from Robin Robins, and it all started with Robin’s free MSP Blueprint. We immediately recognized the genius of Robin’s blueprint and had the best of intentions of implementing it. Like so many other owners we got distracted from this mission with technical and business issues and put the marketing on the shelf. Over the years, Robin successfully decorated our office with her marketing material and it was a constant reminder of the task that we would eventually make the time for – to build and execute a successful marketing plan with the help of Robin Robins.

Ultimately, we signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop. The workshop gave us the kick we needed to hit the ground running with a plan of action and determined minds to not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed.

We are ecstatic with our decision to join the Robin Robin’s team. The motivation and energy we continue to gain from the team as well as the tactics for goal setting has helped us grow not only as a company, but also as individuals. We have found ourselves working harder than ever and are so excited to see where this journey brings our company. The community we gained with our Rapid Implementation Workshop, the individuals we met at Robin’s shows, and most of all, the Accountability Group that is part of the Producers club, have all left a lasting impression on us. We look forward to seeing what’s next on our Robin Robin’s journey!”

Bob Priest Kincaid Network Solutions December 15, 2017

“The Rapid Implementation Workshop Breathed New Life Into Our Business”

“The bottom line is, the TMT program and the Robin Robins team have improved our overall approach to business. Not only through the fantastic campaigns, strategies, calls and webinars that Robin provides, but also through the connections that we’ve made at the Boot Camp and Rapid Implementation Workshop. This experience has caused many positive changes in our organization and it will continue as we dive into more campaigns to grow our MRR. Jill and I now know Robin to be an amazing sales and marketing guru and she has much to teach this aged and jaded marketing geek. Thank you, Robin, for breathing new life into Intelli-Flex”

Patty and Jill Intelli-Flex December 15, 2017

“We Closed Our Biggest Sale Ever ($100,000+), 6 Managed Services Deals, $36,798 In New MRR And $95,465 In Projects From The Rapid Implementation Workshop”

“Robin should describe herself as an ATM for IT services companies because of her ability to help companies like us make money! Time after time you read testimonials of how following her advice and buying into the Technology Marketing Toolkit process will produce results. OnPar Technologies bought in, we implemented the process and now the money is just showing up! Prior to working with Robin, we were spending large amounts of money on marketing, but the results were non-existent.  The Google Ads, the telemarketing for hire and the other programs we tried just didn’t work.  I couldn’t help but notice all of our partners like Datto, Microsoft, etc. promoting Robin Robins’ marketing webinars; she was everywhere and was working with these big name companies in the IT Industry, so I could no longer ignore that she must have something to offer.  Long story short, we signed up for her Toolkit plus Rapid Implementation Workshop.

I’m convinced we began our experience with Technology Marketing Toolkit like many other IT organizations, drinking from a firehose and trying to capture as much information as we could before our head exploded.  Yes, that is how much information Robin and her team throw at you but they are very helpful along the way! We accomplished a lot at the workshop and the consulting including ‘Robinizing’ our website, implementing free reports for lead generation, defining our USP, implementing a referral program, a blog drip campaign, direct mail, e-mail campaigns and various pieces of collateral (like our testimonial book and why prospects should outsource their IT support to us) that definitely help build our credibility, foster trust and help close sales. Now our website is generating leads, and in just 90 days we’ve closed six new managed services deals worth $36,798 per month in new MRR and $95,465 in project work. Robin has helped us with our marketing but the material she provided also helped OnPar Technologies become more refined with our sales process.  Our biggest win to date was a 1,400 seat deal for Office 365, which includes over $6,000 per month in recurring revenue plus a $33,400 project for implementation. Like I said, Robin Robin$ has money in her name!”

Donna Hall OnPar Technologies June 7, 2017

“We Closed A $440,000 Contract AND Produced 17 NEW Leads In Just A Few Months!”

“Five years ago, I began massive efforts to transform our Brazilian-based IT company, AtuanTI, from a 100% IT products company to a services company. But despite some initial successful contracts to get our efforts going, I constantly worried about the business, as much of our success was attributed to intuition, gut feel and my past business experiences. I was recreating the wheel from the ground up and had no framework to do so. That’s a scary place to put yourself in! My husband kept pushing me to listen to the “redheaded lady in America,” but I kept putting it off until I couldn’t stand to struggle anymore. That’s when we bought the Toolkit and immediately signed up for the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

Robin taught us so much at the workshop, everything from the RIGHT way to do campaigns, to defining your target marketing, measuring campaign performance, setting up KPIs and many other things that are finally getting us the results I have wanted for so long. After we left and implemented what we learned (and in less than three months), we closed a brandnew MRR deal worth $440,000 over the life of the contract AND produced 17 NEW leads! The way that we run our business and do marketing has drastically changed since the workshop. Thank you, Robin and team! You’ve made our life richer in many ways.”

Claudia Aguilar Gimel Tecnologia June 6, 2017

“For The First Time Ever, I Am Getting Leads That CONVERT To MRR Clients From My Website”

“I have enjoyed so many successes from strategies that I have employed since attending the workshop. For the first time ever, I have received leads from my website, which resulted in two appointments and one contract that led to the sale of an MRR contract worth $36,000 and a $5,000 project! From my newly formed list and CRM implementation, I have put in place a vehicle that has enabled me to reach several hundred new and existing customers who I not been able to effectively reach over the past decade. The key is to stick to the plan, keep working the oil wells and prepare for what persistence with appropriate execution will produce.”

Jeff Hardman Novacom, Inc. June 6, 2017

“In Just 3 Months, We Closed $732,892 In NEW Business!”

“We started with Robin so many years ago, and I thought I was putting in the work needed to succeed, but last year’s Boot Camp finally brought it into focus for me. From that point forward, instead of quitting when I hit some roadblocks, I recommitted myself that it was my time to make things work.

But going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop was just what I needed to nail down things like our USP, our niche market and other marketing fundamentals, and it was the kick in the butt that got us DOING the marketing. Since the workshop, we have completed 15 campaigns and marketing initiatives, produced 22 leads and won three new MRR agreements totaling $660,892 over three years, $27,000 in off-site added to existing clients and new projects totaling $45,000, with many more to come.

The lesson learned from all of this? It takes massive, simultaneous action to generate the results we need in business. I’m making things happen now and I’m never going to quit on marketing again!”

Raquel Chappell Divergys, LLC June 6, 2017

“One, EASY Campaign We Did At The Rapid Implementation Workshop Instantly Gave Us Two Leads”

“The Rapid Implementation Workshop has taken our company away from the “swinging in the dark” method of random marketing campaigns to having a written down, tracked and dated strategy. Two, EASY campaigns that we implemented AT the workshop quickly generated two, new leads and five, awesome testimonials from happy clients we already had.”

Keith Horne, Jr. Enterprise Backup Inc. June 6, 2017

“The Workshop Has Far Exceeded In Value For The Price I Paid For It”

“Not unlike many MSP’s, I bought the Technology Marketing Toolkit and had it sitting around for a while before we really got busy. We had picked the Toolkit up a time or two and tried a campaign once or twice. Most of the time, we took Robin’s examples and broke them because we thought the same thing everyone else does – “we can’t send that out to our clients because it doesn’t sound like us, or is too cheesy or whatever.” Looking back, I should’ve followed the processes and the campaigns (as written) in the Toolkit.

So after a failed five years, I invested the money into the Rapid Implementation Workshop and went to see Robin and the gang. I was 100% committed to getting my money’s worth out of every minute of the workshop. No more excuses!

After returning from the workshop with my fresh perspective and clarity of vision, I told my team that now, “we’re doing things the Robin Robins way and we’re going to do 100% of it.” In just 90 days of doing the marketing, we’ve closed $43,500 in labor and hardware work and $1,125 in new MRR!

For the first time since we opened our doors, we now have a marketing plan that is an actual living, breathing, written down document. We know who we’re marketing to, we know when and what we’re sending out and I know how much money to budget for it. Instead of sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, I’m now convinced that we’re getting all the right pieces and parts in place to start bringing in new business in with some regularity. I couldn’t be happier with the progress we made!”

Don Cockayne Applied Integration Inc. June 6, 2017

“The Marketing We Did From The Rapid Implementation Workshop Generated $10,000 In MRR And $25,500 In Project Work”

“Even though I’ve owned the Toolkit for a few years and have consistently continued to do Robin’s webinars, trainings and in-person meetings, I still felt like I needed help to get my act together and be more efficient with my marketing.

I learned about the Rapid Implementation Workshops Robin was putting on, and the motivation was there to attend and do the work because I knew that I’d have direct access to people who would be dedicated to help me. Just getting the help and guidance to get our physical Shock and Awe box together helped me to close a new managed service deal worth $10,000. And one single campaign we implemented closed $25,500 in project work without us ever meeting in person; the marketing we did sold them, and the opportunity was closed over the phone!

Building out the processes has been the toughest and most rewarding part of working with the team. We are now on track to do $3 million in sales this year, and the Implementation Group had made all the difference.”

Lisa Carter SpartanTec, Inc. June 6, 2017

“I Doubled My Monthly Recurring Revenue In Just 3 Months After The Rapid Implementation Workshop”

“With only five customers and generating only $2,000 in MRR, I originally felt that I wasn’t making the kind of money to afford the pricetag of the Rapid Implementation Workshop. However, I spent it anyway because I saw it as a worthy investment.

On just the first day of the workshop, we sent out QBR emails, which led to meetings and instant NEW monthly recurring revenue. Throughout the last 90 days of the accountability calls, I’ve had multiple cross-sell opportunities come up with my current clients as as result of the campaigns I did and have been able to expand those same five customers to DOUBLE my monthly recurring revenue!

The last 90 days of weekly coaching have been three months of non-stop growth for me. I’ve been shown how to have a better sales and marketing mindset, which I felt was definitely missing before. I’ve started running different advertising and marketing campaigns and keep working to find what’s the best mix of marketing I’ll actually do, marketing I can afford and marketing that’s generating the results I want. Obtaining that mindset by itself is an accomplishment for me, and I now have a new way of looking at how I do business.”

Manny Carvajales subIT June 6, 2017

“The Workshop Brought In Over $1 Million In Revenue That Got Me Past The State Of Overwhelm”

“Before the Rapid Implementation Workshop, I was completely overwhelmed. There were so many things that I had glossed-over or had just done half-assed the last time I went through the Toolkit that I was adamant about doing right this time. I am proud to say that I stuck with it and knocked it out of the ballpark this time! From the campaigns I implemented as being part of the workshop and the coaching, Cyber Brigade will see $1,073,543 in new revenue!”

Frank Bravata Cyber Brigade June 6, 2017

“We Paid Someone to Kick Us in The Butt, And It’s One of The Best Things We Ever Did”

“We had joined up with Robin over five years ago, and the ingredients for a successful marketing program were all there, but for the next FIVE YEARS we failed to implement any of the marketing strategies. It wasn’t until we attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop that we finally started getting things done.

I would like to think that we aren’t stupid or lazy, but we clearly needed an accountability group and some coaching from the geniuses in Robin’s team. The accountability group has kept us moving forward and the coaching we have received from Robin’s team has been invaluable. Now that we have our foundations in place, and the momentum to keep moving forward, we are eager to see what we can accomplish next!”

Ed Bensinger Bensinger Consulting June 6, 2017

“The Workshop Will Help Us To Gain Profits That We Haven’t Been Able To Achieve In The Past 20 Years Of Doing Business”

“When we went to Nashville for the Rapid Implementation Workshop, myIT.com had ZERO marketing systems in place, and we were only adding 1-3 new clients a year. We knew that our policies and procedures were great, so why not market them?

We have gotten SO much marketing implemented both at the workshop itself and in the the 90-Day Accountability Group that followed the two-day workshop. The campaigns that we have done have generated $19,657 in new recurring revenue!

The Rapid Implementation Workshop gave myIT.com the foundation that will lead to solid growth in our MRR and help us to gain profits that we haven’t been able to achieve in the past 20 years of doing business!”

Amy James myIT.com June 6, 2017

“The Results From The Rapid Implementation Workshop Are Both Staggering And Exciting!”

“Before the workshop, we were just not connecting with our current customers like we should. We were not listening to their needs and growth plans or appreciating them and asking for referrals. Now that we have focused our plan, consistently begun to create touchpoints with our customers and placed marketing as a necessary and prominent part of our work force, the results are both staggering and exciting!

The proof is in the pudding as we added $12,360 in NEW recurring revenue to our business and also landed $53,035 in new project work! I know that as long as we continue to move forward on this path, the opportunities are unlimited!”

Kimberly Cooper Northern Summit Technology June 6, 2017

“We Generated $32,000 in New MRR From The Marketing That The Workshop Accountability Calls Walked Us Through Doing”

“I had owned the Robin’s Managed Services Blueprint for a LONG time but I never really read it and certainly had never tried anything that was in it. I was content to only have barely sufficient inbound marketing that allowed growth, but it was SLOW. We were growing too sluggishly to reach our goals for revenue and profitability. The workshop and its associated conference calls were what it took for me to accept that my number one responsibility was to develop a consistent, controlled and sustained marketing capability. From the marketing that the accountability group program led us through, we generated $32,000 in NEW MRR and landed a $30,000 project!

The process of “rubbing shoulders” with Robin’s marketing folks who teach and direct the sessions is of great value. There are tons of “tidbits” that come through during the discussions. This can’t be underestimated.”

Keith Clanahan XlrINT, LLC June 6, 2017

“We Had Campaigns Out The Door Before We Even Left The Workshop That Generated $48,310 In Revenue”

“Even prior to attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation workshop, we were committed to following her advice step-by-step. I had been “watching” Robin for several years before committing to her program but felt stalled and didn’t know where or how to start the marketing. We were ready to make a change and were prepared to alter the way we had been doing business for the last 17 years since sales had become stagnat, but I wasn’t sure how to get going.

DURING the two-day workshop, we actually did multiple campaigns that generated $48,310 in new revenue. And that was before we even left to return home! From the 90-day accountability and implementation time after the workshop, we have implemented a slew of marketing, including a referral program, monthly newsletter, Tech Tip postcards, the Sitting Duck campaign, Google AdWords, and more. From the marketing that we’ve done since the workshop and with Robin’s team guiding us and holding us accountable in the three months after, we have closed $92,528 in NEW revenue! We are taking the steps to change our organization from a technical service company to a sales company and now we have the foundation in place to generate REAL results from our marketing.”

Stacey Gallagher Panurgy June 6, 2017

“I Have Already Closed A Five-Year Deal Worth $72,600 From Just One Campaign Learned At The Workshop!”

“I purchased the Technology Marketing Toolkit years ago and, like many people, didn’t do much with it. I was overwhelmed by the amount of content available and didn’t quite know where to start. Then I learned about Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop and signed up immediately! While there, we learned how to set up a referral program and since then, have started including information about it in our newsletter. From just this one campaign, I have already received two leads for referrals and closed a five-year deal worth $72,600! The workshop and the accountability group was what I needed to finally get my marketing process together.”

Eric Peterson Simple Communications June 6, 2017

“We Added $131,730 In Revenue After Attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop!”

“The Rapid Implementation Workshop has transformed our business! We saw INSTANT success by implementing a few simple strategies to market to our existing clients that led to an additional $131,730 in revenue! We are just now starting to scratch the surface to marketing to new leads post workshop, and the results are already stellar.

While the increase in revenue is the greatest win since attending this workshop, it also helped us grow as a company by taking a hard look at how we represent ourselves as a company to our clients and target markets. Working in the group setting with other MSPs has been extremely beneficial in sharing our common experiences, success and struggles and learning how we each do business. One of the biggest takeaways is that even the smallest of actions can yield big results and all you have to do is commit to doing those actions consistently and on a regular basis.”

Derek Anderson Biztek Solutions, Inc. June 6, 2017

“Robin Gave Me A Detailed Map Of How To Do Marketing That Works! I No Longer Have Lockup When I Consider The Road To Productive Marketing”

“I wanted to thank you for all of the time and expertise that you poured into us the last two days at the Rapid Implementation Workshop. It’s rare that we are exposed to truly exceptional material, and your vision and content are polished well-beyond any other I’ve seen. The analogy that I used this morning is this… Before this training, I knew that there was a North and that I should probably head that direction. Now I’ve been given a GPS, a birds-eye view of the route and turn-by-turn directions for the journey. So many of the fundamental ideas that you cover are so obvious once spoken but too far from my zones of genius to arrive at on my own. You’ve straightened out so much of the confusion that I had prior to this training, and I’m very grateful. I no longer have lockup when I consider the road to productive marketing. You and your team nailed it for me! KUDOS!”

Patrick Reynolds Cross Link Consulting June 6, 2017

“This Has Been Invaluable To My Company!”

“Since attending the Workshop about 2 months ago, I’ve been consistently marketing to a small group of qualified companies. I’ve already sold five deals for a total of $30,000 in new sales. The confidence I gained in Tennessee and the ongoing support and coaching has been invaluable to my company!”

Gregory Bledsoe Sr. Chrysalis MSP November 22, 2016

“We Blew Our Goal From The Rapid Implementation Workshop Out Of The Water With $500K In New Revenue And Increased Our MRR By $14,000!”

“We’ve absolutely transformed our business from what we did and learned at the Rapid Implementation Workshop, including having a new website, rebranding, solidifying our USP and creating new marketing plans. We made a goal at the workshop to increase topline revenue for the next quarter by $300K, and we blew it out of the water by getting $500K and increased our MRR by $14K! More importantly, the groundswell internally has been big. I’ve been able to move into total hands-off on day-to-day operations and I am very excited about the path of my business. We have a big three months ahead of us and now I’m already trying to figure out how to get another $300K in revenue!”

Pat Fisher President, The VeriCom Group September 29, 2016

“I Got 22 Appointments Just From ONE Email Robin Gave Us That We Sent Out At The Workshop”

“What a great workshop! I am just coming out of the Rapid Implementation Workshop and am ready to get moving. The one email Robin asked us send out netted me 22 face-to-face meetings before I left the Franklin! Needless to say my next three weeks will be busy with these meetings.”

Hastin Slaton Capital Data Service, Inc. September 20, 2016

“What I Learned And Actually DID In The Workshop Generated $46,575 In New Revenue!”

“During the Rapid Implementation Workshop, Robin had us send out one of her quick email campaigns to our existing clients. I honestly expected none of them to respond as it had been a long time since I had even communicated with them. But a few days later, I got a text from one of my smaller clients asking if we could we meet on Monday. I ended up closing him on a $11,325 project, and on top of that, he wanted a five-year contract for a total MRR of $35,250!! Altogether, this “small” client was worth $46,575! Not bad for one tiny little email.

What Robin taught in the workshop changed the thinking in my head, and she was RIGHT ON. Before, I never would have even asked for this deal and I never would have changed my way of presenting the deal. She kept reinforcing things about sales and marketing over and over, and everything she taught really did the trick. I hope that she will really keep drilling in on these key things in her future workshops because they’re real gems!”

Holly Fullingim Quick Compute, Inc. August 31, 2016

“Accountability Calls Were Invaluable”

“Prior to Robin, we relied solely on referrals; but referrals were thinning out and we wanted to ramp up faster – that’s why we came to the Rapid Implementation Workshop. I learned a LOT in those two days with Robin. She made us realize we were missing out on a lot of potential revenue with our existing clients and how we could implement QBRs and cross-sell campaigns effectively to drive revenue. She also supplied us with an excellent 12-month marketing plan and marketing planning spreadsheet that has been a great guide to follow monthly. In addition to the successes we achieved in the workshop, I found the ongoing accountability calls to be invaluable. Jeff, Rich and Robin’s coaching team are phenomenal mentors, and their marketing knowledge and quick response to my questions is amazing!”

Tim Ritter Central PA Technologies August 2, 2016

“I Gained Clarity And Confidence To Start Marketing”

“Thank you to Team Robin for the Rapid Implementation Workshop and for pushing me to finally implement. Just in the past week, I’ve gotten four referrals and website leads. My confidence level has soared! You encouraged me to do the things I knew I needed to do but was procrastinating on. This workshop was priceless. I have not second guessed my decision for even a moment. No buyer’s remorse at all.”

David Luft LDD Consulting, Inc. May 25, 2016

“Robin’s Workshop Allowed Me To Jump-Start My Marketing Program”

“Attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop has helped me quickly implement the campaigns I already had in the Toolkit and has allowed me to jump-start my marketing program. Before attending, I was intimidated by the volume of material. I didn’t even know where to start. I reviewed some of the material and then put it on the shelf. I had every intention of picking it back up, but life got busy and I slipped back into the same old rat race. By getting away from the office, I was able to break that cycle, get clear direction, set goals and implement! Before lunch on the first day, I had already received three killer testimonials – something that had been on my ‘to-do’ list for months. We now have our 12-month marketing plan in place, we have lists built and we’ve consistently rolled out campaigns every single month since we attended.”

Fred Hughes TSG May 24, 2016

“More Accomplished In 30 Days Than In The Entire Previous Year”

“The Rapid Implementation Workshop has been extremely valuable for my company. One of the biggest benefits of attending this workshop in person at Robin Central was the ability to walk through the Level 1 marketing roadmap directly with Robin and her team. We had tried for over a year to figure things out on our own, but we always got stuck or lost, or had tons of questions. Having this intense, small-group training allowed me to work through those stumbling blocks.

This workshop and the ongoing accountability calls have given us a chance to get immediate help when we needed it. We got more accomplished in the 30 days after the workshop than in almost a year of our own trial and error. Since participating in the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we now have two new JV partners, a lunch-and-learn seminar with our chamber and we have closed three MRR deals. Instead of dragging our feet and trying to figure things out, we’re out there getting leads and closing deals.”

Ashley Harris Tech Works May 24, 2016

“One Idea From The Workshop Will Easily Put 6 Figures Into Our Pocket”

“The workshop was a true eye-opener and worth every minute and penny we invested. We’re not a typical managed services provider, but Robin really took the time to help clarify how to apply her marketing ideas to our specific business. Just one idea she gave us at the workshop will EASILY put six figures into our pockets. The two days we invested was truly the beginning of exponential growth for our company. With everything Robin’s given us, I know we’ll succeed.”

Wendi Joseph Frontline Data Services May 24, 2016

“I Finally Got Clarity On How To Implement A Solid Marketing Plan”

“I purchased the Toolkit a few years ago, but just wasn’t able to get myself to implement. At the Rapid Implementation Workshop, it came together for me and I finally understood exactly what to do to bring more and better quality clients. Since that event, I’ve implemented multiple marketing campaigns, which is far more than I’ve ever been able to get done in the past. We can do this!”

Eric Janson Parallel Edge April 11, 2016

“Closed $9,790 In Recurring Revenue In Three Months”

“Even though I’m a self-starter, I always had reasons (okay, excuses) for why today wasn’t the time to market. I now realize that I never would have gotten my marketing off the ground without attending Robin’s workshop. Thanks to just a few of the campaigns I implemented at the workshop, we successfully closed $9,790 worth of new monthly recurring revenue in three months. The only downside is that I now wonder how much money I left behind by willfully ignoring Robin’s program for the past two years.”

Jonathan Sandmel Steady Networks April 11, 2016

“I Received Concrete Marketing Plans That Can Be Executed Even By A Small Company Like Mine”

“I quit a very good paying job and started the company with zero investment and very little cash to live on. I knew I needed to carefully spend my limited marketing budget. At the Rapid Implementation Workshop, I received concrete marketing plans that can be executed even by a small company like mine. Robin Robins taught me that I can develop a roadmap for marketing, and I now understand that I just need to implement SOMETHING. I also learned that I should not be worried about failing. The most important thing I learned is that marketing is not an independent function of my company. It is the strategy for running the company.”

Roger Partovi IT Unite Technologies April 7, 2016

“Thank You For The Helpful 2-Day Program!”

“Thank you for the helpful 2-day program. A lot of light bulbs went off throughout your presentation. We’re on track for defining our target market and are getting a grip on the steps you have outlined. Great job!”

Mohamed Bahadur IT Resonance April 7, 2016