Is This You?

  • You have the Toolkit or Blueprint, you KNOW it will work, but you STILL HAVEN’T been able to make any significant progress in implementing it.
  • You know what you SHOULD be doing to grow your business and get more clients, but just can’t seem to get yourself to TAKE ACTION.
  • You want someone you respect to hold you ACCOUNTABLE TO IMPLEMENT and overcome your natural tendency to procrastinate.
  • You are still confused, unsure and flat-out STALLED about key fundamentals, such as picking a target market and figuring out what your USP (or value proposition) is, what your web site should say, etc.
  • You’ve HIT A PLATEAU and don’t know how to get beyond it.
  • You have absolutely no idea HOW to get any marketing done, WHAT TOOLS TO USE or what to even start with.

If You Found Yourself Saying “True” To One Or More Of The Above Items, This Workshop Is For You

Here’s what I have in mind… I want you to come to my office in Nashville and invest 3 highly-productive days with me and a few members of my team. Not a week, not a month. THREE DAYS. Don’t feed me your B.S. about how you can’t invest 3 days to working on your business – you’ve gone on vacations longer than that.

During those 3 days my team and I will personally walk you and a tiny group of non-competitive peers through IMPLEMENTING my most powerful strategies for marketing, client attraction, sales and profitable, sane growth. We will NOT disappoint. You will finally get crystal clarity on the most profitable target market for you to focus on. You will leave knowing exactly what you need to do to erase price resistance and TRULY differentiate yourself from your competition. You’ll know how to build trust and make closing sales infinitely easier WITHOUT gimmicks, discounting, clever tricks or having to do a lot of “convincing.” You’ll know EXACTLY how a productive Marketing Oil Well functions for driving quality clients into your business, what it looks like and the nitty-gritty details of getting it implemented in YOUR business with crystal clarity.

But it won’t end there…

For 3 additional months, my team and I will continue to coach you, direct you and HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE for implementation so you aren’t tempted to fall off the bandwagon (again), make excuses, fall behind and fail. Six months to a year from now you’ll look back AMAZED at the progress you’ve made.

This IS A Rare Opportunity To Get This Much
Personal Attention From Me For The Money

You should know that I don’t plan on doing these types of 3-day events forever. They’re simply too time-intensive and, quite honestly, not the highest leverage activity I could be doing. The only reason I’m personally delivering these 3 day events now is to build and perfect the model so I can train a few members of my team to deliver them going forward.

I’m confident my team will do an outstanding job; however, if you like the idea of getting this much personal attention from me, NOW is the time to enroll. Because I have done an excellent job at marketing, positioning and building my company (which is what I want to show you how to do), my current consulting fees are $18,500 per day. You might think that’s a ridiculous number that nobody would pay. You’d be wrong. I’m currently booked solid for the next 5 months with projects I’m working on. I don’t tell you this to brag. God knows I’m not perfect. I share this with you because 1) some people REALLY want to only work with me and therefore I wanted to let you know and 2) to underscore I have actually done what I’m going to show YOU how to do.

This WILL be a hands-on, heavy participation WORKSHOP. An up-close, personal, intense, no-holds-barred session with me as your coach.

There are no gimmicks or discounts being offered. No piles of bonuses to try and convince you to buy. It’s a simple, straightforward proposition. I hope you can get past any head trash holding you back, any unfounded fears and poverty thinking that might keep you at home. You will look back and say to yourself, “That was a HUGELY beneficial investment of my time.”

How To Say “Yes”
(Or Just Get A Few More Questions Answered)

Since we are only allowing one person per market area to attend per workshop you must click here to apply before you can register.

The above link will take you to a brief survey where you can let us know who your target market is, what cities and towns you service and a few more details about you and your company. You can also indicate which class dates you prefer and whether or not you’d like to bring a second attendee. Once we’ve received your application, someone from my team will be in touch to let you know if you are able to attend the dates you’ve selected and to answer any questions you have.

IMPORTANT: Applying does NOT obligate you to attend, nor does it guarantee your seat in an upcoming class. Someone from my team will follow up to help you determine if this is right for you and (if it IS right for you) finalize your registration.

One Final Thought For You To Ponder

There IS a difference between ordinary (or even extreme) effort and ORGANIZED, FOCUSED effort. Massive action and hard work is admirable – but ONLY IF you’re pointed in the right direction. A man running at breakneck speed in the wrong direction only creates a bigger problem for himself. If you are serious about obtaining profitable growth in your business… to gaining personal and financial freedom… you’ll never get there with random and erratic acts of marketing, sales and business development. You need clarity and a systematic, pragmatic approach to make progress on your goals. You need to base your business on SOLID and CORRECT fundamentals such as a carefully selected target market and well-defined value proposition.

NO ONE gets rich on guesswork and sloppy, haphazard actions.

I know your natural impulse is to wait. Procrastinate. Ponder. Wait a month or two from now to “where you are” financially or otherwise. Maybe you’ll have a “better idea” of whether or not you can “afford” to go. If you hear this inside your head, it’s purely coming from a poverty mindset…one of scarcity and personal doubt. It is NOT how highly successful entrepreneurs respond when presented with a zero-risk opportunity to obtain significant gain and progress on a key goal. They hate hesitation.

Everybody talks in terms of what they want. They want a better business. They want more profitable clients who appreciate them and who will pay top dollar for consulting advice. They want productive, no-drama, mature employees who don’t need to be micro managed. They want a life of freedom and low stress. But when it comes time to invest, to learn, to change, to work ON a business that will deliver on their wants, to take ownership of making it happen, most wilt. They choose to sheepishly handcuff themselves to what they know and what is comfortable, trying to convince themselves something ‘out there’ will change for the better. Pfui.

I can do a LOT of things; but what I can’t do is fix hardened head trash you permit to govern decisions like this one. I’ve given you a money-back guarantee. I come with a proven track record of success that cannot be denied or argued with. If you know anything about me it’s this: I DELIVER. To that end, I hope you will make the decision to allow me to re-energize and refocus you. I promise if you spend 2 full days with me working on your business, marketing and sales-generating systems, YOU WILL be transformed, multiple doors unlocked, barriers removed.

Dedicated To Your Success,


P.S. I recently read what was the original preface to Poor Richard’s Almanac written by Benjamin Franklin. In case you need reminding, Benjamin Franklin was one of the most innovative, determined, intelligent entrepreneurs of his time and is arguably one of the most influential people in our country’s history. I thought this excerpt of that passage to be an entertaining and interesting way to end this letter:

“I stopped my horse, lately where a great number of people were collected at an auction of merchant’s good. The hour of the sale not being come, they were conversing on the badness of the times; and one of the company called to a plain, clean, old man, with white locks, “Prey, father Abraham, what think you of the times?” Will not those heavy taxes quire ruin the country? How shall we ever be able to pay them? What would you advise us to do?” Father Abraham stood up, and replied, “If you would have my advice, I will give it to you in short; for ‘a word to thee wise is enough’ as Poor Richard says.” They joined in designing him to speak his mind, and gathering around him, he proceeded as follows: “Friends, the taxes are indeed, very heavy. And if those laid on by the government were the only ones we had to pay, we might more easily discharge them. But we have many others, and much more grievous to some of us. We are taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly. From these taxes the commissioners cannot ease or deliver us, by allowing abatement. However, let us hearken to good advice and something may be done for us; ‘God helps them that helps themselves,’ as Poor Richard says.”